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Mike Connor
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What stops people generally;

The "geek" approach. They don't want to know about MBR's and such, or command lines, or anything else at all that smacks of "complicated".

They want to switch their machine on, read and answer their e-mail, surf the web, have a chat, maybe get some correspondence done, perhaps watch a movie, play some music, etc etc. They don't want to know how it works, and they certainly don't want to mess about with the inner workings of it themselves. You wont find the majority of these people on software forums either.

The very evangelism for it, coupled with casual references to "grub". MBR, bootsec.lnx, puts people off.

If you want people to use it, then tell them how easy it is, not how you had to repair a MBR.

Hardly anybody cares what the Linux kernel is, and they don't want to know about it either, they just want a reliable machine for doing whatever chores they wish to accomplish.

I have now been in the IT business for a very long time, lastly as chief of engineering for a very large international company, before I retired. I still learn something new every day. But one thing I learned a long time ago is that people invariably take the line of least resistance. If they can buy a windows machine at the supermarket or whatever with "everything" installed, complete, ready to switch on, and backed by billions of dollars of market clout and advertising, then they generally will.

References to Master Boot Records, and GrandUnifiedBootloaders, which are just as obscure even when you write them out in full, will barely elicit a tired smile.

Have a nice day!


Mike Connor

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