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Something is definitely wrong with this setup of Skype.

I tried this on my cousin's PC, where Skype had not been installed before, and there it behaves differently. There, I get an Option button, which was not there, when I installed Skype on my PC. Further, on other PC, I get the screen where it offers Google Chrome... no such screen on my PC. But, even on that PC, after starting installation, it says that it cannot connect to the download server. Understandable, since it had no internet connection. But, if it did have to connect to the server, and download something, then whats the use of an offline installation. What the heck man!

I thought, maybe, I should uninstall the older version of Skype on my PC. I did that.. I deleted all left over files and folders too.. but it still behaves the same. No screen where it offers Google Chrome, and still same error. Irritated now. I do get the Option button now though, at the start of the installation.

I will try installing with the online installer, and see how it goes.
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