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Hello Mike

You stated your point very well

I started this thread because I wanted to find out what is stopping people from trying linux. I also agree a new thread in the linux section needs to be created. Which you are welcome to create.
I read many post's that said linux will never take with the general public because of the negative press it gets. Most linux users could care less what the general public thinks.

When I statred with linux (Mepis) I installed grub into my mbr. It made a tossed salad of it and I couldnt boot into windows or linux untill I repaired my mbr. I later found a meathod to install grub to my linux root directory by creating a file called bootsect.lnx. I then copied it to my c directory. Edited my boot.ini and off I went. No more problems. I dont know if this was an exclusive to mepis. What I read of the matter is that its a prevelant problem.

I would love to see a bigger interest in linux. I believe the distro's are getting better. Debtboy who is a memeber of this forum has done a great job explaing the command line. He also explained what the linux kernel is in plain english. Maybe you could start a thread about the install process and what it envolves. I am curious about the stability of grub written to the MBR.

Get a glove on and get in the game. We all can learn. possibly yourself as well

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