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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
Skype has been released

I don't think Skype is going the right way. All this is fishy. Is it having the MS effect, after being bought by MS recently?

Anyone else encountering such problem with latest version?
Hi Anupam,
I downloaded & installed Skype today from the Skype website and got release, not the version that you have found. I checked for updates after having read your post and it says that I have the latest release. During the install there was a lot of extras (the MS effect, maybe!) but I deselected them and they did not show up on the main page, however there is an extra Skype install (Skype Toolbars) that shows up when I query programs and features in the Control Program. When I open my browser (Chrome) there is an extension for Skype in the browser. I do not use IE, but I bet it is also there.
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