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Default Skype

Skype has been released, with several new features, and bug fixes. Release notes can be read here :

They have been offering the online installer for quite some time now, but I hate online installers. I always downloaded the offline installer, and installed Skype.

I downloaded the offline installer this time too, but I am now encountering some strange behavior, and Skype fails to install.

One of the feature change mentioned in release notes is "Simplified installer flow", so I am guessing this is the result of that. So much for simplified

I have downloaded an offline setup, which should work good. But, when I click on Next after the initial screen where it asks to select language, after that when it should start installation, it says that "We are having problems connecting to the download server. To download an alternative installer for Skype, click the Download button."

On clicking Download, it opens a page which offers online installer for download. On clicking Cancel too, it opens a webpage, with this URL :

Which tells that it has something to do with Google Toolbar, and Google Chrome, and also IE.

I am wondering why it wants to connect to the download server, when I have downloaded an offline installer.

I don't think Skype is going the right way. All this is fishy. Is it having the MS effect, after being bought by MS recently?

Anyone else encountering such problem with latest version?
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