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Default Permissions w/ Images

Open up a console/terminal and you should be in your home directory.
If not that would be easy enough to fix cd ~/ remember.

I'm using your home directory, because this is where you have
permission to change permissions (if that makes sense??).
If we were elsewhere in the OS then we would need to
be the user root (all powerful OZ!!) to change permissions.

As you can see from the image, I've done a ls -l command

See the change in permissions for Documents.

Now I've done a chmod 777 Documents command
Keep in mind the following are the same commands:
chmod 777 /home/debtboy/Documents
chmod 777 ~/Documents

Here is the result:

See the change in permissions for Documents.

Now I've done a chmod 724 Documents command
so the defined permissions were assigned to the directory.
Did I say directory... yes I did!!
I like to think of it as Linux treats everything as a file,
the hard drive, cdrom drive, directories, etc.. (everything as a file)

Here is the image:

See the change in permissions for Documents.
Practice will make these commands almost second nature.

Now just for fun, make sure your in you home directory pwd
if not get there you know how...
now type in firefox and hit enter, I believe this will work on most current distros depending on configuration.
Did the browser pop up??? (from the command line, Ha! Ha! Ha!)

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