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I went to inquire about the hard drives today. Seagate and WD are the ones available.

As I am interested in WD, I inquired about it. The one they showed me was WD Caviar Green 1TB drive, with 64 MB cache(model WD10EARS).

Price difference between 500 GB, and 1 TB is not much, a 1000 rupees, so I am thinking of going with 1 TB drive.

I did not pay much attention to the color green at that time, and I did not ask if any more models were available, as I thought he must be showing what's available, and whats best.

However, when I came and looked on the internet for the drives, I now see that there are 3 models in Caviar... green, blue, and black.

I read a bit, and came to know that green uses less power, is less noisy, and efficient, but, its only 5400 RPM. The blue and black ones are having 7200 RPM. But, black one is noisy, and uses more power.

On the forums and some reviews that I read, they suggest that Caviar Green should be used for storage and backup etc, but otherwise its a good drive.

So, I think where performance and speed is required, we should go for Caviar Black, or Blue? Because my friend intends to do video and photo work more. So, for that a higher speed drive should be used?

I don't know if Caviar Black or Blue will be available at the shop. I will have to inquire. Indian markets are very typical. They might not be having other models.

One more thing that Caviar Blue does not have 64 MB cache at all. Only 32 MB, or 16 MB cache. Will this make any huge difference? Caviar black does have 64 MB cache.

I think earlier Caviar Green did not come in 64 MB cache, but it has started only recently.

If they do not have Caviar Black, should I go for Caviar Green, or should I go for Seagate drive instead?

Seagate drive is costly a bit than WD.

For 1 TB, the warranty is 3 years for both Seagate and WD. I however read that WD Caviar Black might be having 5 years warranty.
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