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Default moving around with cd (change directory)

Hi everyone

Now that your able to cd down into your home directory,
you might want to move up directory by directory or jump directly
to a particular location.
cd .. this will bring you UP one directory

cd ~ or cd ~/ will bring you to your home directory
(if your username is debtboy, it will take you here /home/debtboy)

cd / will bring you directly to the root directory
(the root directory is the uppermost or top directory of the filesystem,
everything resides inside/below the root directory,
do not get this confused with the user root
which is all powerful like OZ (ha! Ha! Ha! ))

Lets say your in the root directory and you want jump directly to the /usr/share directory, how would you do it?
cd /usr/share
Now you realize you really wanted to go to the /sbin directory so...
cd /sbin

Lets say your not sure where you are, try this command.
pwd I believe it stands for (print working directory)

Now with cd and ls or ls -l you have the ability move all around the filesystem and list files.

The filesystem IS CASE SENSITIVE so keep this in mind.

Next we'll go over that strange looking but all important
permissions structure we see when doing ls -l
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