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Originally Posted by bk_7312 View Post
It's not that Tony had difficulty with the learning curve but the thing is, he tried plenty of distros but because of his 64bit computers, not many of these distros work. I know that Tony will give Linux another try if there is a distro specially designed for 64bit computers but sadly, much of today's Linux are still for 32bit computers and those designed for 64bit computers are still not perfect.
I understand, and as I haven't upgraded to 64-bit hardware yet, can't agree or disagree his his general opinion.
Keep in mind that Linux is only a kernel (which has been ported to 64-bit hardware) and each application packaged in a certain distribution is maintained individually by a different person or organization, so an unstable application shouldn't cause you to give up on Linux, just "kill" it and move on or even better report it to the organization who created it, they probably have a website. just my opinion
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