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Default Cameo Project

Download the new Cameo without Mozilla products and with the Source Code of the Applications that the actual binary(s) where actually altered posted online, other than that enjoy. Also the applications from where not altered, just the Ascii .ini files where invoked, as which seems legal and legit since the .ini files state;"
# The above options are explained in the included readme.txt
# This INI file is an example only and is not used unless it is placed as described in the included readme.txt
doesn't say we can't alter the .ini to make it work within the constraints offered, so there for no violations have been made and the link to the download page of the beta 2 tMoz remix is

keep an eye out as beta three, or possibly release candidate one are on the way!
And as always enjoy people, remember an open source world is only as open as the minds of its community!!!

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