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Thanks emmjay .

Do you use the external WD drive for backup and storage, or do you use it often? How is the speed of operation with USB 2.0?
I have video and photos stored on the drive and these get updated on a regular basis. The USB 2.0 connection is pretty good considering I have an old laptop. My laptop hardware will never support USB3 and I understand that XP does not support it either.

I do use it for backup (re: my original post) as well. I have an XP ASR saved on it too but I have been warned that Windows Backup and Recovery does not work under XP most of the time (though I have never tried it).

NB: I tried a HP HDD on this system too and it ran quite well also. I now use it on my Vista desktop as a storage and backup unit. When I researched HDDs last year the new HP HDDs came in right at the top. I have never had any problems with the HP HDD (500GB) that I have and I would say that it is about 5 years old now.
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