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Just to throw my .000002 cents in, if it were me I would go with a WD, Seagate has made great products, but of the last 6 drives I have bought from them over 2 years, 3 have gone bad. That is either a real outlier, or there is something going on with them.

From newegg I purchased 3 500GB drives, one was bad out of the box [well, bubble wrap]. About a year later, I switched those out for 1TB drives, since then I have lost 1 of the 500GB and one of the 1TB. And SMART is telling me another of the 1TB is not feeling too well these days. Really, it's a 4 out of 6 failure rate in 1-2 years, which isn't good at all.

I don't really know how you want to use the drive over time, [or anyone else interested], but an external drive can be very very handy to have. e-SATA is great, just don't get it, it's probably not long for this soon to be USB3.0 dominated world from what I read. Plus, they can use USB2.0 if that is all that's available. And, most BIOS/mobo's of the last few years can boot from them with no problem. The drives will not perform at internal speeds, but not too far behind.

Just to make this post longer, the new drives will most likely be advanced format, and this brings up a whole new batch of issues, not enough time or space to go into but you should be aware. At least these newer drives, 100MB/s is now slow.
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