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Yes, I may have to go for WD hard drive, if Samsung is not present. Lets see.

And yes, I have now decided to go for internal hard drive, because of the reasons you say.

Backing up is always a good thing, and should be done. But, my friend has loads of work of video, and GBs of data get filled in no time. To backup that amount of data is a difficult thing to do. Cant be done on any small media, and to backup that much data elsewhere requires another HDD of about same large size, which won't be possible, because of his budget issues. That's why, a reliable medium is of utmost importance. With the Seagate drive failing the second time in a span of few months, I am not pleased. Its in warranty, so it will get replaced, but till then, my friend's work will be stopped, which he can't afford to do. That's why we decided to go for another HDD.

I too have personally experienced failed Seagate HDDs with my computer. Quality has definitely decreased for Seagate. I have an old 8 GB Seagate IDE HDD, bought in 2000. It still runs, and has not developed problems. Must be some quality huh?

I will definitely post back on what we do .
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