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Managed to mess up my sound yesterday which isn't surprising because I have been abusing the system somewhat to see if it would break Despite all of my attempts (apart from the sound) I had a few "segmentation fault" notices which self corrected and a window advising a fault with VLC on closure. This could well have been the skin though. The sound fault was weird. I have a "system" (two speakers + base unit) plugged into the rear jack and two more speakers connected to the front. The front pair were fine but I was getting hardly any sound from the R/H rear speaker. Despite exchanging emails with Jeff I couldn't find a fix. I confirmed it was me by booting from the live key and then decided to re-install. This is a W7 dual boot with everything of note on an external drive so no big problem.

The thing that impressed me this (second) time around was how quickly Bodhi can be set up, even allowing for the fact that much of the stuff you still have to get either from their online "click and install" or Synaptic. This time of course I didn't need so much stuff as before having tried and eliminated several of the options available for each category.

I opted for Chromium to run alongside the pre-installed Midori, Thunderbird, Deluge, VLC, K3B, Unetbootin, LibreOffice, Mirage and Pinta from the online store. I also got the theme pack from here and the Faenza icon set. I then loaded Firestarter, lm-sensors, GkrellM, Xpad and a few games using Synaptic. Having copied some stuff back over from my external drive, tweaked the theme and loaded a few extra modules, in no time I was back up and running from where I left off.

I really do like the simplicity of Bodhi plus how it looks great with so little effort. Changing the base theme also co-ordinates changes for your gadgets so you end up with a complete new look in just three clicks.
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