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I remember old DOS days (thats dating myself) But I remembered and used over a dozen line item commands and knew where the files were placed and everything seemed simple enough. Then came Windows 3.0 and with it came the GUI. I recall how everybody hated windows at first but slowly the grumbling subsided and most just excepted the change and with it most of those line commands just faded away.

My first experience with Linux required very little knowledge of the line command maybe a apt-get this and sudo that. The results are a growing number of users with very little knowledge of the command line other than copying and pasting somethingh to the terminal and pressing enter. The lesson in this is that it will be very hard for people to reverse engineer their knowledge when all they have ever used are GUIs. I truly believe Linux is much more powerful using various line commands to complement the GUI. It would be great to see some kind of user interfaced tutorial that walks people through commonly used line commands. I have studied a couple of very good lessons which walked me through the basics but are quickly forgotten due to lack of use.
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