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Default uTorrent Issue

Hi i am using uTorrent.My speed usually fluctuates around 40-45kB/s while downloading a file through uTorrent or a download manager(using orbit).But i noticed a couple of times while downloading a file through uTorrent my speed shoots up to around 130kB/s.Although this happens quite rarely,On looking at the peers window, the speed is high from only one ip always.When this happens i check the location of the peer and have found that to be in the same city and using same ISP as mine so i thought may be we are on the same lan of the ISP downloading the same file at the same time thus somehow resulting in more speed of mine.That was until yesterday when this happened again and i checked the location but this time it was from another city but same ISP.I really can't understand whats going on and is there any way i can keep the speed that high always.Also if its throttling by the ISP, wouldn't the download manager work at a higher speed? Any thoughts, guys.
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