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MC said
These distros are like browser clones now but still great to see because every one will appeal in some way to those who for one reason or another are not happy with the others.
I'm beginning to experience choice overload. So many choices and a flood of new desktops just further complicate matters. To see whats out there I have tried 8 different distro's in the last couple of month. A few only lasted an hour others were ok and then a couple were very good. Believe it or not, I found PClinuxOS to be outstanding (for me anyways) and Mint comes in as a close second. The thing is if I was to google the best linux distro I will find thousands of opinions. Therefore it is my belief, there is no single best Linux OS. Of course it can be argued there are some better than others but thats not the point. With such a HUGE selection available it comes down to what makes the individual happy. The only way to find out whats works for the individual is to try them.
I plan on downloading Zorin tonight and giving it a spin. I like the fact its based on Ubuntu and is preconfigured to look and feel like Windows.
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