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I think most people who use Google to search never consider the alternatives, probably never go further than the first three or four pages of results, nor worry about being tracked. It's convenient, the big brand name, same as Yahoo and Bing. They trust it. But the alternatives are always worth trying.

There are a couple of variations on Ixquick - and, same company, same approach to privacy but different results. Ixquick gathers results from various popular search engines whereas Startingpage results are Google only, but with the privacy aspect of Ixquick included.

DuckDuckGo does provide good quality search results and I use it a lot, especially with browsers that don't have add-on support for WOT and I find it better to use than the WOT Surf Canyon search engine.

The one I use most frequently is Yandex, it's Russian, probably has the same approach to privacy as Google as well but that doesn't bother me too much. It's a useful search engine, clean layout with useful search features and provides good results. Yandex also warns you of sites that 'may harm your computer' more than any other search I've used. If you come across one it gives you the reason why, malicious content etc, but also allows you to view the site via a 'secure cached page'

How accurate the warnings are I don't know but WOT also works fine with Yandex, although if it turns up what it classes to be an unsafe site the WOT icon doesn't show at the side, it's like the Yandex warning overides it. I realise that it's country of origin may put some people off using it, and that's fine, but Yandex is a big player in the world of search.

Depends on your needs, or your fears, and it's interesting reading this. But search is big business and businesses want their product as high up the search rankings as possible, which is understandable, they also go a long way to funding it all. But the alternatives more often than not turn up better quality results.
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