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hm, i find it interesting about this take on privacy

Because I happen to like the idea that google is used to track disease outbreaks. H1N1 was a big example of this. If you happen to remember using google maps to follow where it was.

The entire thing about this is my IP and I want it private... IP doesn't really identify you :S It's like calling someone with phone and not having them see your phone number. Sure, you can block it if you are concerned but people don't see number showing as a privacy issue. IP is your computer's calling card so to speak, you can have it blocked a number of ways. But expecting the company you are using to do the work and block it for you? Doesn't make sense to me. It would be like me calling customer service then asking them to erase evidence that I called. Well they do ask if you want your call to be recorded, but that is only the talking parts, the actual call is still recorded even if you tell them not to record call.

And in this regard, google does offer you ways to protect yourself

and all things aside, google does offer https service for search, which is what those other products listed above use for their "privacy"
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