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Default I am giving up my search on a Linux OS

I have been really wanting Linux to work on my 64bit comp. I have tried loads and all unsuccessful, all have been buggy or had one problem that could not be resolved. So, is Linux ready for the greater population. In my case NO. Nothing is stable or offers a system that I could say I would get rid of Windows.

I am of course talking about a 64bit, as for 32bit and reliability I did find a couple and thats MEPIS and Mandriva. Also, they have a great forum that will answer you and you won't get ignored. The worst forums have been Ubuntu and Mint as I have found if you keep having problems you get ignored. Didn't happen in Mepis, Mandriva or Sabayon, all have been very helpful.

Maybe you have a different view? But for now I shall put my Linux cap in the dustbin and wait for a while to find a new one.

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