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Well, golly-gee, shucks, hecky-darn, I'm flattered at the compliments, guys.
Glad you enjoyed the post.

@Midnightcowboy, yes, they were all freeware. Was there any specific one that you found to be payware? Other than maybeTitleBarClock --- I didn't stop to think that one might take some hunting to find the old simple free version (it's been bloated up to a multi-megabyte payware these days). I'll take a peek at some of the sites that carry old versions, like Blue Chilis and others.

@Jojoyee, thanks for the link, gonna try that one real soon.
I'm always on the lookout for smaller and simpler.

@Elizabeth, I sent you an email. Still nervous, but I sent it.

Thank you ALL for responding!
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