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Will need some more details.

Which pdf reader do you have installed on your computer? Some pdf readers install a plugin, to help you view the pdf in the browser. But, I don't recommend this for security reasons. Its always better to download the pdf file on the computer, and then view it with your pdf reader.

Originally Posted by walt9817 View Post
Using either firefox 3.6 or version 4 when I access a pdf file in the address bar I can neither view it or download it.
Do you copy the link on to the address bar, and then try to open it? I could not understand the statement properly.

Originally Posted by walt9817 View Post
On some pdf files when listed in google I can right click on the file and copy the pdf file, but many times this doesn't work and then left or right clicking on the file in the address bar accomplishes nothing.
I think you mean, right clicking, and choosing "Save link as..." ? Because, there is no option of right clicking, and copying the file, other than copying the link location.

If you have disabled the pdf reader plugin in Firefox, then if you simply click the pdf link with left click, it will offer you to save the pdf file. Its simple. Try it, if you haven't.

Originally Posted by walt9817 View Post
I have disabled pdf readers in my add-ons.
You mean, add-on, or plugin? Please provide details/name of the plugin, or add-on you are mentioning.
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