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Originally Posted by rikishi19 View Post
Does anyone have a method of removing the Java Console from Firefox 4.0 extensions?

I have read that if you run it as an administrator an uninstall option appears, this is for Firefox 3.xx I believe however and I have no such option next to my Java Console extensions.

There is only a Disable button, no greyed out uninstall button like the method I have read explains.
You can't remove it from within Firfox, you need to do that from within Java Control Panel (or something like that, sorry don't have it installed at the moment). You'll find it in Windows Control Panel. Open it and go to the Advanced tab, expand the Java Console entry and untick the related box.
If it's not the Advanced tab (sorry, directing you from memory), go through all the tabs until you find it and untick the related box.
Firefox needs to be closed while you do this.

Keep in mind, that it gets back with every Java update, so you'll have to do the routine every time.

If you need to remove other Java related stuff, take a look in this thread.
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