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I like PaleMoon and I keep & use a portable version of it on my HDD, so I tried the latest version out (portable).
It is much or less Firefox 4, except for having a status bar. To me it seems that the developer has coded in the features of the Status-4-Evar addon - using that addon in Firefox 4, the "staus bar" in Palemoon looks and behaves exactly like that.

It also seems to be less prone to crash all the time like Firefox 4 does on my XP machine.
Regarding speed, if you have several addons installed, not even the Windows optimized version that PaleMoon is can do much about their impact.

Haven't played much with it (maybe because I'm not particularly pleased with version 4 in general), as I'm quite happy with the previous version - at least on my XP machine.

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