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Default Maybe its just not the right time

Just to chime in.

Linux I believe is a process. It has to improve to become a viable option for most people. I do not believe I am a techie, although I have a functional linux OS on my computer. I like Jillian, almost ran away form linux as though it was the plague. I decided to stick with it because I enjoy the challenge. I also understand why people give up on linux. Its a frustrating process.
I do however praise those for at least giving it a try. As a advocate for linux I know this only helps the linux community understand what needs to be done to make the linux platform a viable option for users.
My motivation to support linux is mostly based on my belief that it will give those around the world with limited resources a chance to experience and learn the power of computers. A chance to learn a skill which can help them improve their quality of life. (I know it sounds a bit touchy feely).
It also it serves to give microsoft a boot in their complacent rears

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