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I've got Aurora installed, been using it for a while and it seems stable enough. Not many add ons are compatible yet but WOT and AdBlock are working. A quick look through the lists, NoScript and LastPass will work. Personas work.

It installs in a separate folder but uses your settings from FF4, has Aurora on the menu button, but no different to 4 really. It hasn't crashed, pages load ok, some maybe a bit slower. When you open 'about' you can check for updates, you also get an option to switch channels from Aurora to Beta or Release. I've had one small 2MB update so far, which went without a hitch. Everything works fine. It puts the Aurora icon on the desktop, which I think looks better than the Firefox one, never liked that so they could change it forever for me.

I wouldn't be put off from trying it, just depends how much you need the add ons but you can switch back to FF4 and your add ons and stuff are as they were. Aurora is about the same size install as 4, about 30MB.
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