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Originally Posted by 26Dolphins View Post
@Super Simple
Let me try to communicate that one last time:
It does not matter if it's bad or harmless, if it's installed or not, if it takes a moment or a life time, if it's one click or a thousand, if it's opt-in or opt-out, what matters to me is that I want to be asked before anything happens on my machine, i.e. I want a real chance to decide for myself.
I agree with 26Dolphins in this. I suppose it can be argued that the choice is made when the install of the OC bundled freeware is begun, and i can't really dispute that, but we all have to make our own choices and as i already said, i choose to reject anything bundled with OC, and if that means i miss out on some good freeware then so be it. I don't think i have anything further to add to this discussion either.
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