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Originally Posted by Super Simple View Post
There needs to be a balance in there somewhere. I think OC has an excellent balance. It's far in the clear for any privacy concerns. (I've posted information on that and what information is communicated in my blog post Opening Up OpenCandy.)
OpenCandy has been the topic of much discussion around here for a while now, and a good deal more is known about it now than was two or three months ago when we first started discussing it in the closed forums. My initial view was that OC was both adware and spyware, and that view hasn't really changed much. It has evolved though, and i no longer rate OC in the same way i would rate a virus or other forms of malware. That said, i don't want it on my computer. The one thing that would change my mind is if there was, somewhere in the install process of whatever software, an option to have, or not have, my computer scanned by OC. It's that simple. "Do you wish to have your system scanned by OpenCandy so we might offer you software you might like....yes or no". It's the jackboots enforcement of OpenCandy i loathe so much, and until this situation changes (which it probably won't), no OC bundled apps on my machine thanks....i'll buy payware before i use OC bundled freeware. It bothers me also that OC may be luring the unwary noob or non techie computer user into installing the latest "one click system speedup/registry wrecker" or whatever: imo that's not good practice. Apparently these applications are recommended by the developer of whatever OC bundled app is being installed, but i wonder how many developers would allow a one click registry wrecker anywhere near their computers?

Thanks though Ryan for taking the time to put your point of view across and incidentally, i enjoyed the Slayer review on your blog
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