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Originally Posted by 26Dolphins View Post
... One could argue that by choosing an app that comes bundled with it, you've already opted in... By the time I'll see the offer, OpenCandy has already done its thing on my machine, so it's already a few steps too far to care if the offer is opt-in or opt-out.

Even if it's stated that the installer comes with OpenCandy, the end user should still have the choice to decide if he/ she wants it to scan their system before it does it and he/ she should have the choice to decline it.
Being able to run the installer using the switch /NOCANDY, is not a straight forward option - one has to know about it to use it and a number of people still won't know how to, not to mention that it may stop working in the near future.
Very good comments 26Dolphins.

Seriously, OpenCandy should consider that. It should give an option to opt out whether the user would like to accept OpenCandy to recommend any software, not till later the user sees the recommendation. Ask "Do you like some drinks?" first before you ask "What drinks do you like?" That way is probably more approachable and not seen to be too intrusive. If the answer to the first question is no, then don't need to ask further.

This will make OpenCandy to be acceptable to more users and software developers do not need to provide a separate installer without OpenCandy.

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