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Originally Posted by garth View Post
As to how the code operates, I have this first hand from a developer that uses OC.

"I have it set to automatically opt out, so the user has to choose to accept an offer for OpenCandy to install anything on their computer"

This suggests that the developer can influence how OC behaves once installed.
That's right, but there's a bit more to it.

The default for offers is "opt-in". That forces the user to make a decision, yes or no.

I have seen 1 and only 1 offer that is opt-out by default, and that is market specific for Russia.

So, those are the defaults. All but 1 are opt-in.

Now, you can toggle the default OC settings to "manual", which allows you to choose which offers can be displayed in your installer. e.g. If you hate Microsoft, you can choose to not allow displaying the Microsoft offers (IE8, IE9, and Bing toolbar). It also allows you to set *some*, not all, only *some* offers to opt-out. About 50% of offers *can* be set to opt-out.

For example, you cannot set the Real Player or the Microsoft offers to opt-out.

Keep in mind that I'm reporting exactly what I've seen and verified. There's no speculation, no guesswork, and no conjecture above. However, in the past something could have been different. I can't speak to that. I can only speak to what I know now.
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