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Talking Ford Prefect strikes again

Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy View Post no publicity is bad publicity they no doubt regard this as a success.
So any publicity is good publicity? You may be right. Certainly it would be for a low budget film, an untalented ski jumper, or a small political party. But I'm not so sure that Tiger Woods would agree, or Wayne Rooney even [sorry MC ]. And I'm not sure whether Rupert Murdoch thinks he's getting the sort of publicity he really wants right now for News Of The World.

What about OC's showing on Gizmo's? My guess - and it's only a guess - is that it won't make much difference either way for a company that already has something of a shaky reputation. If I try googling "OC" either alone or coupled with some likely search terms (like adware, malware etc), most results don't seem to be particularly flattering... apart from their own site of course. Not the sort of stuff to reassure me if I was trying to decide whether to trust their bundled installers. And I rather doubt our own contribution to the pile will make much difference to the overall picture.

Personally, I feel quite happy that we've allowed an open debate which has elicited a range of views.

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