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This from the OC Q&A:
Q: What does ‘opt-in’ and ‘opt-out’ mean? Are OpenCandy-powered recommendations ‘opt-out’ or ‘opt-in’?

A: For software recommendations, opt-in refers to offers where nothing is preselected or where the box next to “do not install” is selected by default, while opt-out refers to offers where “install” is the default option.

On the OpenCandy Software Network we allow our developer and advertiser partners to make their own choices concerning how they wish to recommend software or be recommended. Some developers choose to recommend an application through an opt-out offer as a way of communicating how strongly they recommend a particular piece of software to their users.

Regardless of the manner in which a given developer chooses to make their recommendations, each product being recommended on our network must still pass all of our strict policies enforcing honesty, transparency and a top-notch user experience.
Originally OC opt-in was the only choice which made OC more palatable to many reviewers.
Later they gave the developers the choice of opt-out.

I love how they word it to show "how strongly they feel" about the software offered. When it was about money-when users have to opt-out of downloading more users will download the offered software.
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