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Originally Posted by garth View Post

This suggests that the developer can influence how OC behaves once installed.
This is my understanding too.

One other general point. Despite the flow of information and arguments either way, I'm finding this just as confusing now as I did when it first surfaced. Certainly the talk is serving to keep OC in the headlights and as no publicity is bad publicity they no doubt regard this as a success.

Trying to simplify the whole thing, when Ford or anyone else make cars they turn out blue ones, silver ones etc., and we all have our favorites. If they were to turn out a lime green model with purple doors then no doubt very few consumers would want it. This is where I feel we are. No matter if OC be evil or the ray of hope for developers and the rest of us it's being promoted as, the vast majority of our consumers don't want it. If in six months time this has changed then no doubt we will continue to service the interests of our members in line with such a shift of opinion.
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