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In reply to Dr Apps's point-by-point reply to Gizmo's article, I'd personally raise some major general concerns based partly on observations by MC:
  • Dr Apps talks as if there was a standard way in which OpenCandy was presented to users and activated/installed on their machines. But MC's experience does not support this: "My own research suggests that not all incidences of the code are the same, i.e. some vendors may negotiate different terms with OC for how the code is included and/or operates." I believe this is an important issue for users which OpenCandy must address transparently.
  • MC also reported that he found "the whole setup highly confusing and my assumption was it had been purposely designed this way." As a computer user, I feel that any request to make any installation that I did not specifically request/need is a significant annoyance. If, on top of that, the process is unclear or confusing then I find the situation distinctly unsettling. In the absence of extreme clarity by OpenCandy, how can the reassurances made by Dr Apps be expected to convince me or other critical users that OC is no more than an annoyance?
  • The relevance to users of these two transparency issues is amplified by the unenviable reputation that OpenCandy has for trustworthiness (and their apparent inability to address this issue despite considerable forum activity - see comment by Anonymousgh here). Dr App's insistence in supporting the tenuous claim that OpenCandy is not Adware by using the sort of arguments one might expect to hear in a court of law rather than in respectable company pagerank only compounds my diffidence.
At the same time, I think it fair to recognize that Dr Apps did attempt a reply to the issues raised in Gizmo's article. And he did distinguish between the concerns Gizmo expressed for users (to which he attempted a rebuttal) and questions regarding Gizmo's site policy (for which he expressed his respect).
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