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Originally Posted by mr6n8 View Post
I do not view the position of Gizmo's as an attack. If it were an "attack", then products with OC would have been banned.

To follow up on my comment in my post that's still awaiting moderation, this is the kind of thing that I meant (from here):

Originally Posted by NessUSE
To me, this ranks right up there with Sony when they were installing root-kits on PC's so that people couldn't rip a music CD. Freeware distributors want to package OpenCandy with their software, fine, just tell me about it up front so I can decided immediately that I don't want your software. You want to be underhanded and try and sneak it by me, then hopefully Gizmo's will flag it so that I know better.

This is way over-the-top. I'm almost expecting Godwin's Law to come to fruition.

What Sony did is in no way comparable. They hid a rootkit! There's simply no comparison at all.
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