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Originally Posted by Super Simple View Post


Can I ask why there is a need to attack it?
Collectively we try to provide Gizmo's visitors with what they want to see and judging by the current feedback, items containing Open Candy are not on this list. One of the biggest criticisms we receive is for not pointing out hidden elements such as Ask and OC in our reviews.

Personally, I object to being "stealthed"with something I would otherwise choose not to have if I knew it was there in the first place.

To be honest I'm not much interested in how developers need to fund their software because it is not up to the likes of me to judge them. To suggest though that this is all fine and dandy is stretching the inference that the rest of the world must be wrong to its limits.

If OC is such a great tool for suggesting things users might want if they only knew about them (like other forms of advertising) why not release it as a standalone system advisory scanner and then see what the install rate is?
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