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Thanks Jojoyee for starting this thread.

The link above already has a lot of information in it, so I won't start by repeating any of it.

(I am Ryan Smyth. I've posted in the thread above but used a different user name for here in the forums.)

But the quote you've given makes me sort of shake my head a bit, and especially this part:

Whatever, you need to be aware of this product and its potential pitfalls.
"Pitfalls" is pretty unflattering. I use OpenCandy in my own software, Photo Resizer, and only see it as a benefit.

There's nothing to hide. I've been perfectly open about the Super Simple web site and the software on it. OpenCandy is a part of that.

I'll be opening up more of it though in the near future at one of my blogs: You can find analysis of OpenCandy there, as well as other information, both related and unrelated.


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