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I'm running Ubuntu 9.04, so you will be able to restore the .fbu file into Firefox?
Sorry, I did mean 9.04! Yes FEBE should restore everything. I installed FEBE under Firefox in Windows, set the backup type in FEBE options to BOTH, and then ran the backup (using the BOTH option recreates the original XPI extension files.) I then transfered the files to Ubuntu, installed FEBE into Firefox via the File, Open command, configured FEBE to look at the directory containing the Windows Firefox files and then did a restore.

The FEBE restore option allows you to restore the profile, or, if you prefer, selectively restore extensions, bookmarks and so on. When I did this I choose the selective restore as my profile included some Windows specific Vista themes that X windows probably wouldn't have liked. Further, Firefox extensions use a Just In Time technique, that is the XPI file is converted for the appropriate platform on installation. I suspect that this platform specific information is stored in the profile making it better to restore the extensions so that they get correctly converted for Ubuntu.

Hope that helps.

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