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And I don't believe there ARE any other security programs...
I am not sure if you have the full trend micro internet security package, which would include more than a firewall. I am also not sure if you disabled all security apps within TMIS, including any anti-virus or possibly parental controls.

If you are using a phone jack, I assume you are on ADSL wired connection, which should be the Thompson ST536v6 (although it may have changed recently).

In any event, it appears to me that there is a good chance the issue lies with the modem. I would suggest posting over at Whirlpool fora, they specialize in Australian ISPs and equipment.

This link is for the DSL hardware fora. At the top is a "Groups" box. Once you know the model and make for sure, you can choose the appropriate group:

Of course, you can still post here, but they should know all there is to know on your ISPs modem. There are some very knowlegable people there.
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