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Hello Axeleonth

How did you check the port-through Vuze or another service?
If through another service-was Vuze open during the test?

What port number are you using? (some port numbers are blocked by ISPs)

Here is a guide on trend micro's firewall-so you can double check your setup.

I will check around and see if I can find anything further (other than firewall) that the Trend Micro Internet Security might do to interfere with Vuze communications.

I could not find a guide on the router (I will look around)-did you forward both TCP and UDP?
Did you disable UPnP in Vuze?

A good way to check and see if you properly set the rules in the firewalls is to disable the software firewall (and then the entire security package) while testing the port and see if you get a clear.
If not, try connecting to the internet without the router-first with software firewall on during test and if fail-with software firewall off during test.

You can also try UPnP for the router-see my Vuze guide here:
Optimizing Vuze (formerly Azureus) for Speed

I have not seen anything that suggests Telstra is part of the problem-I will keep checking on this.
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