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Default Vuze and Port Forwarding

Hello, I'm new to this forum and have searched all over the internet and this very forum, but nothing seems to help, and the internet solutions tend to have a lot of technical jargon that I do not understand.

I recently switched from uTorrent to Vuze, because uTorrent was being slow and Vuze has been giving me better speeds. But I realised I always have a yellow smily, and found out that Port Forwarding gives better speeds. I checked the port it was currently using and it wasn't working, so I have set up a static IP address, changed the port and added exceptions to both the router and the firewall I am using and the port still comes up as NOT OPEN or unreachable.


Operating System: Windows 7
Router: NETGEAR N150 Wireless Router WNR1000v3
Firewall: Trend Micro Internet Security
ISP: I believe Telstra... (not sure)
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