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Default shouldn't matter

Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
I think you are the person yourself who is trying to change the boot order. Anyways, you already know the answer to it. You will have to get into the BIOS. Usually you have to press F2, or the DEL key, when the boot screen appears to get into the BIOS. The boot screen also displays what key to press to get into BIOS.
Once you get into BIOS... look for the boot order, and change it to make the CD/DVD drive as first one on the order.

Good luck
Who cares.
A person seeking help and is not attempting anything dishonest or against the rules. Should be free to ask.
With that said Anupam is correct for the most part. However some computers (like mine) boot to the bios while tapping the f8 key. Try looking in the advanced option while in the bios from there look for the boot order as explained above.

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