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Originally Posted by Concerned User View Post
sure Anupam.....

@ bo: I think there will be an RC2. Nothing is clear now...Let's hope it the final version gets released on the 22nd.

I'm also getting no warning when I use the "exit" button from the file menu or from the big orange toolbar...

I'll do a clean reinstall and see what happens. I'm not sure if an addon might be causing some kind of weird conflict...

Edit: nope! no success here....even with a clean profile, I opened a couple of tabs...However, when I used the exit option from the big orange button or from the "file" menu option, no warning while closing multiple tabs. I do get a warning with the 3.6 series..problems seem to occur with Firefox 4 RC only..Can't understand this....
This tab thing does not bother me at all.

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