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Yes, seems like it.

I rememeber even changing the sources and compiling the wired - not wireless - card for opensuse 10.2, installing nvidia from runlevel 3 and whatnot. NTFS tool and whatnot. That sort of changed in Ubuntu 8.10. Since, the changes are mainly visual and some smoothing up the rough edges.

I think the slowest moving distros are the most sensible choice, the problem is people want purtty vertical space and tabs of top - as if using the mouse scroll is difficult, they don't care for actual functionality.

Anyhow, someone who has used Linux in 1995 probably felt in 2000 like someone who started in 2000 and felt around 2005 or started in 2005 and felt in 2010. This means there's no real progress and it's mental for veterans. The big differentiator are newbies. That can explain Ubuntu Unity and all that nonsense, which is why older users hate it, as they are part the excitement stage and want productivity now.

Well, I'm probably gonna go ape-excrement on Gnome 3 ...

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