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Originally Posted by Jillian View Post
I also don't know how to partition my hard drive. although I am not there yet by a long shot. Not even downloaded yet. jst starting . I am so scared that I am going to mess my computer up and this ain't no cheap computer.
I once faced that problem before, no big deal. According to your other thread, you ordered MEPIS LiveCD.

But according to this thread, you're downloading the Ubuntu .iso file? Putting that aside, partitioning your hard disk isn't very difficult and is quite safe as long as you have a backup image of it before doing anything (backup important files). It can be quite dangerous if not handled properly, make sure you computer doesn't power off or anything while partitioning or updating system infos.

A word of advice, partition your hard disk while using Windows, else if you do it using a LiveCD, the next time you boot to Windows, it'll panic and run a scan to check why it has lost a chunk of it space.
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