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Originally Posted by Dedoimedo View Post
I like to separate business and home distros, as they cater to completely different needs. At home, my favorites are ubuntu and opensuse. Recently, both mint and scientific linux are making good progress, but I'm not a quick one to change.

I have noticed there are those that change distro's nearly as often as they change their socks. (this may vary from person to person)

At times I am tempted to do the same because I'm fairly new to Linux and I am eager to see what I might be missing. I have decided to stay with a distro for at a least six months before switching to something else. This way I can get a feel for the system so I will have a reference point to judge from. I am thinking about trying Mandriva (a red hat genre) or Mint (another Ubuntu fork) as my next distro. I was also curious about what you find attractive about opensuse.

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