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I think we've already established that reviews are the personal opinions of those producing them and will not therefore match the experiences of every one else.

In the context of this thread I think we can also agree that Jeff and his team are fully entitled to make Bodhi Linux how they see fit. Ultimately it will be an expanding or contracting user base which decides if they've got this right, and not a single review.

I would also like to request a close on this particular argument which I believe has now run its useful course

On a more general note I would also like to draw attention to the language used when trying to make an expressive point. Although the words in this thread are what most would find acceptable, the way in which they are used may not. This is after all a family forum and maybe isn't the best way to introduce children to the world of Linux. Having just published a piece myself about a distro aimed at two year olds we must also assume that there are a few more youngsters hovering around here than normal, and we should respect that.
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