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Originally Posted by bk_7312 View Post
3. The default theme (first impression) can really turn a potential user away. Although themes can easily be changed with a few mouse clicks, having a default theme that isn't consistent and has a bad design to it is not a good sign.

4. This is rather strange as one would expect such a minimalist distro to be much much more smaller in size. Puppy Linux has more pre-installed softwares and more functionality than Bodhi Linux and yet it only weighs around 100MB. Almost 4 times smaller in size than Bodhi Linux!

5. Having an unsigned repository can potentially scare users away from installing softwares for fear of security risks and etc so having a signed repository would make a lot more sense but in can sometimes give users a false sense of security if the repository is compromised (although it rarely happens). Installing softwares is the user's responsibility and common sense must always be applied. This is more of a security issue.

7. Universal shortcuts such as Alt-Tab and some common settings being absent can compromise the user experience as the user will either have to set the shortcuts and settings manually or adapt to the new shortcut and settings (which can sometimes cause confusion to friends or when using a different OS). In my opinion, this is a big usability issue and can annoy some potential users.
3 Bodhi comes with 7 different default themes the user chooses from on startup... So if you don't like the default theme odds are it is your own fault

4 The innards of the OSes are 100% different. Bodhi runs on Ubuntu and Puppy is well... Its own thing. Ubuntu with X alone is around a 300meg ISO

5 apt-get's keys signing is a joke that provides a false sense of security to it's users and Ubuntu PPAs have only furthered this issue - but that is a rant for another day .

7 Alt-tab... Works? Never had anyone else say otherwise and none of the 2 dozen + systems I've run Bodhi on personally have had an issue with it.

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