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Over the top install...everything is okay....Successfully removed the beta alone from the control panel.....I personally think that they should go ahead and release FF4 right now. But since this is the RC, the main version can't be far behind...

IE 9 is supposed to be released on March 14th.

"A More Beautiful Web Launches on March 14th"

Too bad I can't see the "beautiful web" since I'm still on Windows XP ..Guess I'm not missing that much. It would be nice if Firefox 4 also launches on the same date.

In other news, the pwn2own contest has already claimed two victims Safari and IE....The hacker for Chrome did not turn up (weird?)...Firefox will be on trial tomorrow..Won't be surprised if it is hacked.

The third browser to be tested was scheduled to be Chrome. However, the contestant registered to attempt the attack did not show up, so the browser remains unbeaten. One possible reason for this is that Google published a Chrome update yesterday, closing at least 24 security flaws. The would-be Chrome attacker may have been depending on one of these flaws to attack the browser. Or he or she may have been unable to produce a reliable attack. Google has sponsored the Chrome hacking contest, awarding extra prize money for Chrome hacks, but with stricter rules for the hacks.

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