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Hello Dedoimedo
I have also read many of your reviews and find them informative and at times entertaining

Originally Posted by Dedoimedo View Post
I am not frightened or discouraged by anyone not liking my work. Especially considering what I view to be the "average" or "standard" compared to what a typical Linux user, if such a thing exists, might think.
With two years of Linux experience I am probably your quintessential average user. When I was a newcomers first trying Linux, I just needed things to work out of the box. I also needed all those apps that were part of the initial install. I needed them because I had no Idea what did what. Other than Firefox and Thunderbird pretty much every thing else was brand new to me.
A newcomer would have been lost trying to use Bodhi. The average user with a couple of years experience would of or should of have been able to Install the applications as to their needs. I guess Its how to measure what is average or typical.

In my opinion Jeff was upfront as to the nature of Bodhi.
For example:
~Jeff Hoogland
Bodhi Linux - Minimalistic & Enlightened -

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